Configuration Management Training

Basic information and experiences will be shared in order to guide for Development-Improvement of the Configuration Management Process in accordance with CMMI Model in the organizations operating in the field of informatics and the issues will be discussed based on mutual interaction.
In particular, organizations operating in the field of Information Technologies (IT), Modules, Sub-units and related documents, configuration items and the integrity of the product protection and control methods and methodologies to control the changes will be focused on.
The workshop is aimed at all project team members, including Quality Managers, Configuration Managers / Experts, Process Improvement team members, in IT organizations.
The training program is planned as a full day.
The training is aimed at all project team members, including DevOps teams, Quality Managers, Configuration Managers, Process Improvement team members in IT organizations.


  • Introduction
  • Establishment of the Configuration Management Plan
  • Identification of Configuration Units
  • Configuration Management Tools and Configuration Library
  • Version Plans
  • Alteration Management
  • Outlines
  • Control of Configurations and Changes
  • Configuration Status Reporting
  • Configuration Audits
  • Publishing
  • Process Evaluation
  • DevOps

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