Business Analysis Training

Business Analysis is efforts to enable organizational change by defining needs and proposing solutions that add value to stakeholders. Tasks and techniques used to perform business analysis are implemented by Business Analysts. Business analysis can be carried out not only by people whose job description is "business analyst", but also by professional professionals working in a wide range such as system analysts, requirements engineers, process analysts, product managers, business architects, and management consultants.
The main duties of Business Analysts are;

  • Analyzing and synthesizing the information obtained from many stakeholders,
  • Revealing the real needs of stakeholders
  • Facilitate communication between organizational units
  • Playing a central role in aligning business unit needs with IT capabilities
  • It is to serve as a "translator" between business and IT.

Educational achievements;
Preparation for ECBA, CCBA, CBAP certification exams
Obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill the role of Business Analyst in an organization.

Who should attend; Professionals/candidates who want to advance/develop their career in business analysis.

1. Introduction

2. Business analysis basic concepts

3. Business Analysis planning and monitoring

4. Recognition of needs and cooperation

5. Requirements lifecycle management

6.  Strategy Analysis

7. Requirements analysis and design definition

8. Solution Evaluation

9. Core Competencies

10. Techniques

11. Perspectives

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