Benefit Management in Projects

The World of Project Management magazine

Digital Tranformation! But How?

TBD 35th National Informatics Congress

PMP Exam Preparation Experiences

Project Management Professional Exam Preparation Presentation

Career Stalking 2017 - Project Management

Bilkent University Career Center - Project Management Career

Plan Project Quality

Quality, consequently, project success, customer satisfaction, and reputation.

Software Quality Assessment

SQA - Software Quality Assessment

Yazılım Süreç İyileştirme Macerası - Bilkent Üni.

Süreç iyileştirme çalışmaları, hedefleri, yöntemleri ve modelleri

IT Service Management (ITIL)

Başkent University - IT Service Management (ITIL) -2010

Is your Software Processes PERFECT?

BTHaber - Is your Software Processes PERFECT? Can it be completed with planned TIME and COST?

Savunma Sanayiinde Offset ve Yan Sanayi Uygulamaları Sempozyumu Açılış Konuşması

ANSAF'10 - Filiz Eser Sempozyum Açılış Konuşması

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