Digital Tranformation!  But How?

Today; rapidly changing market conditions, rapidly evolving technological developments, changing customer needs, rapid changes in our way of doing business and making digital transformation mandatory. "Digital Turkey" target in line with the country in our economic and social life has been initiated work for the digital transformation of services in the public services in public digital conversion is accelerated and is expected to be reduced to zero, the bureaucratic process. Since the change is very fast and continuous, the digital transformation, which has to be able to respond quickly to the changing conditions, enables organizations to adopt Agile Business models and in this way, to perceive the customer and market expectations in a timely manner, and to provide solutions that will meet the needs of the customers and to provide high customer satisfaction. In project-based studies, Agile Project Management techniques need to create solutions that will ensure high customer satisfaction with innovative (innovative) approaches through the adoption of Agile Business Models in operation-based studies. Agile approaches predict faster and less costly processes than traditional business models. In recent years, the agile approaches envisaged for small-scale projects have proven their strength and validity with business models created for projects and organizations of all sizes. In this article, it is aimed to help organizations to implement digital transformation by using agile approaches in PMBOK 6 and CMMI 2.0 models.


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